Driver Order Types

Driver Order Types



  • One of the blind spots for the design team was the actual understanding of what drivers do from operational stand point
  • EatStreet is adding more ways for drivers to handle orders with
    • More merchant that are not restaurants such as convenience store, grocery stores, flower shops
    • Merchant that have certain ways of achieving the order placement, payment and pickup
  • I wanted to know what this means to the driver experience. Since we are adding grocery shopping to the driver job, I needed to understand the different jobs drivers can do. We call those jobs "order types"


  • I interviewed several internal stakeholders to understand and note all order types
  • I broke down each order type (total of 6 order types) and grouped common activities
  • I created a vertical representation of all types and communicated 5 stages that happen in all orders from driver perspective: Go, Arrive Gather, Deliver, Drop off, Feedback

Journey Map

notion image
Gather Stage
notion image

Service Blueprints

  • I eventually dove deeper and created a service blueprint of each order type that shows the inner working and different actors at each stage of the order lifecycle
Example of order type blueprint
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